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Full Stack Engineer, Department Of Homeland Security: SEV1TECH LLC

July 2021-PRESENT

Tech: Typescript, React.js, Enzyme, Material UI, JPA, Spring boot, Spring Data, Java, Docker, Microservices, Jenkins, Kubernetes, PostGreSQL, Github, Bash, MacOS

  • Expanded and Implemented functionality across the application including hours tracking, activity tracking, customer feedback sets, and data auditing - 200,000+ entries per day.
  • Performed dozens of root cause analyses and bug-fixes across the stack in preparation for launch of cloud-based case management system - saving hundreds of hours of work and customer frustration.

Javascript Developer, NASA Shared Services Center: Geocent LLC

October 2018- July 2021

Tech: Javascript, ServiceNow Scripting language, Python, AngularJS, JQuery, Jelly

  • Designed and Implemented System for Dispatching all NEST Service Requests(NASA End-user Services & Technologies) utilized agency wide - responsible for creating 70,000+ dispatches per day used by all newly provisioned NASA assets
  • Circumvented Service-Now platform limitations to deliver custom implementation of OOTB Lifecycle Events allowing eliminating 4 hours of delay per event saving hundreds of man hours per week.
  • Automated the creation and submission of printer toner requests and print reconciliation requests agency wide interfacing with HP network printer API, eliminating waste and customer complaints, servicing 5000+ printer assets, automating the creation of dozens of requests per day, and bringing 200+ unaccounted-for printers into the system.
  • Implemented service catalog items and corresponding custom workflows, Designing ui and catalog item interface, though user-submission, through myriad approval processes and custom workflows, to end-user provisioning. These catalog items are used thousands of times per day
  • Mentored and Trained New developers bringing 3 junior developers up to speed within my first 3 years in software development

Assistant Software Testing Lead, NASA Shared Services Center: CSRA/GDIT

January 2016-October 2018
  • Responsible for functional, E2E, and Stakeholder Testing for Enterprise Service Center Development Team managing the entire team’s story testing, and coordinating their User Acceptance Testing.
  • Coordinated with stakeholders, product owners, and SMEs to facilitate User Acceptance Testing, and bug/defect management managing hundreds of test case’s adjudication per sprint
  • Participated in scrum story creation process. Attended and participated in grooming and technical grooming sessions. Helped shape story requirements and foster positive liaison with non-IT functional areas

Enterprise Service Desk, NASA Shared services Center: CSC/CSRA

November 2013-January 2016
  • Responsible for Active Directory, RSA, Encrypt, VOIP/Voicemail, & Bitlocker Password resets
    Microsoft Office Suite Agency Integration Support, COTS/NASA software support ensuring critical system access all NASA employees
  • Responsible for general NASA institutional Knowledge - helping users from coast to coast find the information they needed to request or provision access, get required approvals, find contact information, or troubleshoot IT problems.

Entomology Department, Mississippi State University:

*May-September 2011
  • Responsible for executing entire experimental process for genetics lab experiments whose aims included identifying new formicidae species, and potentially finding polygyne and monogyne markers Formicidae species.
  • Responsible for DNA extraction using liquid nitrogen and ethyl alcohol, PCR replication of primed DNA fragments, gel creation for electrophoresis, and electrophoresis itself

Thames-Rawlins Research Group, University Of Southern Mississippi:

September 2008-May 2009
  • Responsible for executing entire experimental process for post-docs novel photovoltaic polymer.
  • Responsible for dry box synthesis of electron-receptive layer, subsequent co-polymerization reaction
  • Responsible for carrying out NMR, Polymer Mass Spectroscopy, extraction, precipitation, condensation, Fractionation, and Fluorescence spectroscopy


Mississippi State University — Bachelor Of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2010-2014

Emphases in Math, Physics, & Computer Science


I consume tons of information via podcasts, books, audiobooks, and YouTubers. I love philosophy and science. I have always had a philosophical bent. I am a Drummer, Avid Cook and Cookbook collector, and Board Game Geek.

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