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Full Stack Engineer, Department Of Homeland Security: SEV1TECH LLC July 2021-PRESENT Tech: Typescript, React.js, Enzyme, Material UI, JPA, Spring boot, Spring Data, Java, Docker, Microservices, Jenkins, Kubernetes, PostGreSQL, Github, Bash, MacOS Expanded and Implemented functionality across the application including hours tracking, activity tracking, customer feedback sets, and data auditing - 200,000+ entries per day. Performed dozens of root cause analyses and bug-fixes across the stack in preparation for launch of cloud-based case management system - saving hundreds of hours of work and customer frustration.

Friday Prayer
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Its Friday, July 29th, 2022. I’m a little sad. I’m worn out from a week’s worth of fighting with myself, a week’s worth of attempting to marshall myself to get meaningful work done, a week’s worth of small victories and defeats, a week’s worth of good days and bad days, a week’s worth of reaching out to friends over text, and most of us being too busy or tired from work to respond to each other.

Meal Plans
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Meal Planning Rather than opining and getting grandiose, I’ll quickly explain my reasoning behind my meal planning, what i’m aiming for, and the items on the list. The inspiration is simple. I’ve been experimenting for the past couple of years in the vegan/vegetarian recipe space, and, at this point, I spend too much time improvising, and reacting. I want a more targetted, more intentionally nutritionally balanced meals, and a plan. Having a plan saves time and effort, and I need a more explicit default setting.